Chemical Peel

What is Chemical Peel?

A technique used to rejuvenate the skin and it is also an anti-aging procedure.

In this treatment, a solution is applied to the skin to peel off the surfacing layer of dead skin to reveal the new layer of skin which looks better and smoother than the old layers.   

We have highly experienced and trained health care professionals to help you evaluate your skin and ensure that the application is done the proper way.

Types of Chemical Peel

Superficial Facial Peel

A superficial facial peel causes the top layer of your skin to peel off. It does not penetrate deep into your skin or dermis, but rather affects only the epidermal or outer layer of facial skin. The solution used for light chemical peels is usually comprised of alphahydroxy acids (AHAs), such as glycolic, lactic, salicylic, or fruit acids. Superficial peels are often referred to as lunchtime peels because they don’t take up a lot of your time and you can return to your normal activities right after.

Medium Facial Peel

A medium facial peel affects the epidermis and the upper layer of the dermis. It causes skin on these layers of your body to peel off. It penetrates your skin deeper than a superficial peel and requires some time off work for healing. For medium facial peels, many doctors use trichloroacetic acid (TCA). This chemical works well for treating fine surface wrinkles, superficial blemishes, and pigmentation problems. Similar to the light chemical peel, medium chemical peels require less downtime than a deeper peel. TCA peels are the preferred choice for patients with darker skin.

Deep Facial Peels

Phenol, a chemical agent, can be used for a deep facial peel. This type of peel results in the peeling off of your epidermis and penetrates the two layers of your dermis.

Deep facial peels require a longer recovery time, involve more pain and have a greater risk of complications. They cannot be used on darker skin types due to the risk of hypopigmentation or bleaching. Deep facial peels are used to treat deep facial wrinkles, severe sun damage, severe skin discoloration and deep acne scars.


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