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Laser treatments covers a wide range for uses to treat many kinds of skin problems. The surge of using laser technologies has been increasing very rapidly in the recent years due to its effectiveness and non-invasive nature.

At Pure Touch, we are known for our Signature 5 layers laser treatment which includes carbon peel, skin brightening, eye rejuvenation, pigment and acne scars lightening, pores reduction and lifting.

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Signature 5 Layers Laser Treatment

  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Carbon Peel
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Toning
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Pigmentation & Acne Scar Lightening
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Lifting
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Eye Rejuvenation


  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Non-surgical treatment
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Anti-inflammatory effect
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Collagen and elastin production
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Brightens and evens out skin tone

Before-After Results

Melasma (Hormonal)




Fine Lines & Wrinkles


Large Facial Pores


Used To Treat

  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Acne and acne scars
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Aging skin
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Black heads and white heads
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Excessive sweating
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Fine line and wrinkles
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Freckles
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Keloid
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Large facial pores
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Melasma (Hormonal)
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Saggy skin
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Spider veins and Varicose
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Stretch marks
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Sun spots and age spots

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