Platelet-Rich Plasma Subcision

What is PRP?

Platelet-Rich Plasma is essentially a patient’s concentration of platelets extracted and used to help enhance the skin’s overall conditions which includes the tightening, smoothening and improving skin tones. 

What is PRP Subcision?

The PRP treatment method we use is called PRP Subcision. Subcision in simple terms is a minor surgical procedure using small needle to stimulate collagen growth as well as break up scar tissues that tethers the skin. 

The PRP Subcision is a combination of Subcision technique coupled with PRP. Studies have proven that Subcision coupled with PRP is much more effective than Subcision alone. 

To find out more how this treatment can revitalise your skin, book your free consultation with us.



  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Non-surgical natural treatment
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Minimal risk procedure
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Short recovery time

Used To Treat

  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Fine line and wrinkles
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Under eye lids
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Acne scars
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Black heads and white heads
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Large facial pores
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Aging skin

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