HIFU Treatment

What is HIFU?

HIFU also known as High Intensive Focused Ultrasonic is a recent well-known technique that is non-invasive treatment that is a prominent alternative to face lifting procedures. 

The treatment uses ultrasound energy to increase the production of collagen in the specific area, providing a more youthful and firm outlook of the skin.

The treatment has been proven to be very safe and increasing in popularity as it does not require surgery and a very short recovery time. The treatment also provides a staggering amount of skin and aesthetic benefits.



  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Non-surgical treatment procedures
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Low risk and safe procedure
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 No post treatment scars
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 No recovery or down time
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Cheaper alternative

Uses of HIFU

  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Reduces facial fine lines and wrinkles
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Enhances the facial jaw line definition
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Tightens saggy skin
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Lifts cheeks, eyebrows and eyelids
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Smoothens the skin effectively

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