Keloid Injection

What is a Keloid?

Keloid is a tissue that has outgrown the wound’s boundary and often continues to grow even when your skin has been healed. 

To remove keloid, the treatment involves the injection of corticosteroid solution directly into the keloid which potentially helps to reduce the size of the tissue growth. 

Worry no more, we have trained health care professionals to assist and give you honest advices you need in your process of removing your keloid.


More About Keloid

  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 They are firm and irritated bumps that enlarges at the site of damaged skin
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 People with darker skin complexion are more prone to develop keloid
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 They tend to form around the back, shoulders, ears and chest area
  • PureTouch_Clinic_Leaf-01 Cutting a keloid may result in an even larger formation of keloid in the site

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