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Yllume Phytofloral Pure


Yllume White Caps Phytofloral Pure (Supplement) 30′ Vegi Capsules

Yllume uses an exclusive, patented proprietary ingredient called PhytoflORAL® consisting of colourless carotenoids for internal skin lightening and brightening.


1) For even, smoother, brighter, and glowing complexion

2) Replenishes skin’s defenses

3) Hydrates and moisturizes skin

4) Fights premature ageing

5) Reduces hyperpigmentation

6) Defends and soothes skin against UV damage at a cellular level

7) Restores the skin’s texture

8) Boosts collagen

9) Increases body’s Glutathione levels naturally

10) Prevents DNA damage

11) Anti-Inflammatory

12) Protects and enhances the efficacy of other active ingredients and their activity

13) Provides 4000 ORAC points (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)

PhytoflORAL Yllume White Tomato (Colourless Carotenoid 800mg * Pomegranate Extract (90% Ellagic Acid) 50mg * Vitamin C 100mg * N-Acetyl Cysteine 50mg * Bioprene 10mg *

How to take:
Yllume recommends taking 1 capsule every day before breakfast with large glass of water. Use the product as recommended.


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