Botulinum Toxin

Botox is widely used in facial enhancement, such as for:

  • Forehead Wrinkles
  • Lines around the eyes
  • Neck folds and chin creases
  • Bitterness lines
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Thread Lift

It is a minimally invasive treatment where one or more dissolvable barbed surgical threads are inserted into the subcutaneous fat to help to lift the superficial layer of the skin upwards, without leaving scars on the skin.

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Laser Revitalisation

Non-ablative laser skin revitalisation is one of the more recent techniques developed to combat the signs of ageing. Using lasers, light sources or LED (Light Emitting Diode) devices.

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“Ladies deserve the best looking appearances”

- Tan Meng Lee.
Kuala Lumpur

Welcome to Pure Touch Esthetique Skin Clinic

We provide the most current technologies and treatment programs available for your skin.

In this modern world, our skin age much faster than it used to be. This is because we are expose to multiple risks like the sun, stress, polluted environment and engineered food. We are dedicated to return your skin to how it should be.. We guarantee that after the treatment, you will look 10 years younger than your actual biological age.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, our centers offer cutting-edge lasers technologies for the removal of unwanted hair, tattoos, port-wine stains, wrinkles, scars, facial vessels, and sun spots. In addition, various medical and surgical treatments are also available to improve sun-damaged and aging skin. Our experts will customize the treatment options based on your personal Esthetique needs. Don't hesitate to consult our professional Esthetique doctors or therapists and you will be amazed with the results at the most affordable price range.

Our Founder and Medical Director:

Dato' Dr. Tan Meng Lee, founder of the Pure Touch Esthetique Skin Clinic, heads one of the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art laser technologies and cosmetic skin centers in Malaysia. He obtained his M.D. degrees from University Kebangsaan Malaysia and completed his Diploma in Dermatology from University in UK.

Dr. Tan is an innovative and renowned doctor in the use of non-invasive laser and cosmetic dermatology to treat a variety of cosmetic and medical skin issues. With well over 20 years of experience in Esthetique medicine and one of the pioneers in Esthetique Medicine in Malaysia, let listen to what Dr. Tan has to say:

“Ladies deserve the best looking appearances. As I always believe in this present world, there are no hideous looking men and women, who also include men, there are only people who do not want to beautify themselves. I have seen many men and women who have transformed themselves from an average appearance to become the most attractive men and women in the world. This can be achieved thru non surgical procedures with the most affordable price range , so lets take a look at his patients testimonials:

“I am a 60 years old widow, no children and no body to take care of me. I am old and hideous and many times I feel very lonely and all my friends are embarrassed  because of my appearance. After I had received my treatment from Pure Touch Esthetique Skin Clinic, I am transformed and now, I am enjoying my life again.”

“I am a 25 years old student and I have a lot of acne scars on my face. I always adore my friends who have nice skin and good appearance. I have done many treatments and even took medications and my skin did not improve at all. A friend introduces me to Pure Touch Esthetique Skin Clinic and after getting the treatments, my skin has improved with no pimples and scars. I look so much preetier now.”

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Penetrate deep into your skin to stabilise and strengthen it, so that it is less prone to future outbreaks of pores, pimples and pigmentation


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